Our intent is to be the BEST and most knowledgeable builder for our clients! To accomplish this, we need to employ the BEST carpenters and assistants available. We look forward to being the builder for those that value an investment in high-quality life-long construction projects.

What we do is physically demanding and sometimes mentally grueling. You will need grit and stamina to work in construction. After you establish your physical ability and mental grit, you can hone your skillset to be focused on quality.

We facilitate an environment in which our crew members are constantly growing both professionally and personally. Our Core Crew members value high quality workmanship, integrity, trust in each other, owning your mistakes, having input on company decisions, and helping each other like a family does.  

Our long-term employees have been a vital part of trouble shooting, product development and future planning. We wish to continue that style of teamwork. To be involved at that level, you will need to earn the trust of the crew and that is up to you!

We share a portion of the profit with our crew members based on their performance and involvement for the year. If the company is profitable, so are you! 

We create rooms, structures, and saunas for our clients to make memories. During the process, we make the income to support our families, and make our own memories. Each of us is important and valuable to make this system work.

If you are interested in fast tracked, slam and go methods, we are probably not a good fit for you.

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